Saturday, 24 August 2013


Brave soldiers , today i'm finally writing it..
Respecting soldiers , why ?
Because - they are scared to hell , but they fight , and die for the people , for the country , they don't know if they'll ever see their families again , they come back without hand , or leg or something or the other missing , or don't come back at all..
They are paid less , for they will to give up their lives so that their nation may be able to sleep peacefully.They are put into too many risks and they face it soo bravely , ever thought about it ? They stick together for eachother , help eachother , die for eachother <3

This is something completely different about being a soldier and having been to a war , that earns the deepest loyalties <3

In My Opinion , They Are True Heroes !! #respect..

I Mean , would u be willing to give up your life if government would ask you to ?
  • You'll be paid less
  • You're not sure if you'll come back alive or not !
A Big "NO!" , With a Capital ''N'' and A Capital ''O'' With ''Exclamation Mark'' !

They join military at their wills , brave enough to face any problem that comes up and willing to die for the people they don't even know , but for their country , for their folks <3.. 

They are obedient and follow the orders , they do what they are asked for without even questioning, not once!!

They get shot , get hit my bombs , must respect the soldiers going to fight in pain , but still they try their best to do well in the war , even after being hurt , they help their pals ! A simple sign of true friendship , respect , obedience..

Harsh climates , bad food , work and work ! do you think you can handle it ? In a complete alien country , not knowing what's happening..

Respect them..or else get the hell off this country..because of them alone you are peaceful and not dying..

I Simply Think That They Should Atleast Be Respected , more than me and you..
When your asleep in your bed ,huggin' pillow tight , enjoying AC , watching sweetest dreams , they fight and fight for the better future..

They've got the best sense of humor , funny , kind , caring , tough , obedience , confidence ..these really are the few of the things i really notice..

Everything about them is super-cool to me , their hairstyles , body lol xD

I Think They Should Be Respected..



My  Respect To All Soldiers World-Wide ! <3 :*

these soldiers are keeping a look-out , in Vietnam..
see what i was talking about ? they are cool :P
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Monday, 19 August 2013

Baby Ackles - Justice Jay "JJ" Ackles

Just saw this one on facebook , and i've been waiting for this kid for like 7 months to get out of her mother's womb. Jensen Ackles and Danneel Ackles have had their baby girl (first born) and finally we get her pic!!
you guys wanna see it ? yeah , bet you do ! i'll just put it here below - 

soo i'm a huge SUPERNATURAL fan , if you didn't know it..
I just love the show , it's sci-fi , fantasy , romantic , lovely story line , and hot guys..
i mean who wouldn't love the show ?

So we were talking about the baby..the baby JJ is sooo lovely she's got eyes color like her fathers , and couple are sooo beautiful , i bet the baby girl is gonna look fab when she grows up , it's been my dream to meet Jensen Ackles (baby's father) also my fav. actor everrr when i grow up..I'd really really really love to meet him someday..

But probably is not gonna happen..i'm gonna become a IFS Officer so that i can have a job in foreign country..and meet him someday..but not gonna happen , right ? :(

Hhuuuh! so let's just leave it, put a pin to it ! Or i might become emotional..soo YEAH here's the happy !!

I Put Up Some Pics Related..
Thankyou for reading till the end! <3 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

What would you do if you had a million dollars

Yeah you might be thinking that i'm about to say the following things -
1.Buy a gallardo.
2.Buy a super-cute boy.xD (u get this money , you'll find the true love :D)
3.Buy a super sized porche villa.(and have a large swimming pool)
4.And buy all the crap i want !

But no ! Honestly , I'd take the money i need for my studies , parties , parents , sibling, you know maybe buy all the sony playstaions and eveything i want at the very moment, and give the rest to charity. For the better future of poor kids! Atleast then i could sleep feeling proud and die a peaceful death !
Then i'm sure going to HEAVEN !!!!!

Even Thinking A Million Dollars In My Hand , What Am I Even Gonna Buy , I'll Be Happy In Beginning And Get Bored By The Middle..

Thankyou for reading till the end! <3

Cats or Dogs ? (Silly Topic)

Which animal do you love the most ? Dogs ? Cats ? Or Some Other ?
I'd really love your opinion ,put it in the comment box below !
In my opinion i'd say Dog !!! not all breeds , i just love Labradors they live long enough like upto 14 maybe 16 years.They Stay Fat And Cute.I happened to have notice that other dog breeds and cats get skinny and don't stay chubby and cute , and as they get older they become a head-ache. Yeah ! they can be trained but who'd take that responsibly on their heads , right? Labradors are smart and they can be trained for a very young age,are awesome , chubby and cute.
well there's a lot more and i could go days and nights *too much , i know* babbling about it..but i won't..
so i want you guys to tell me in the comments your fav. animal for keeping as a pet and why !
Ahh, i almost forgot , their tail is awesome ! :P xD

Thankyou For Reading Till The End! <3

How To Improve Yourself

Self-Improvement - It is something everyone wants to achieve but cannot due to laziness
Here i'll put off some simple and easy ways for you to achieve it !
Here Are Some Things You Should Try -
1.Imagine a perfect world and think how would you be in it.( what are your differences)
2.Write down a short list of things you think you need to improve.(you'll not remember everything at once , so keep that list with you and make changes as you go on)
3.Practice some suggestions ( just practice and practice and practice !!!!! )
4.Be Sincere but you could cheat a bit cause doing it all the time isn't gonna be easy , do what you love occasionally , doing the practice all time isn't gonna be good and easy. (as the old saying "too much of something is bad" , so take time for your things too )
5.Believe in yourself and don't give up and think that you can achieve it ( and it'll get you closer to your goal)
6.Stay Positive and think positive all the time , don't take up tensions.( we often do that alot)
7.Everyday, right from when you're awake keep a smile on your face.( it'll sure brighten up others day too )
8.Be Around your best buddies.(and be your best ones alone , otherwise they'll bring you down with them , be with the ones who'll lift you up )
As The Above Picture Dispays "See Yourself The Way You Wish To Be In Your Life"..

Thankyou For Reading Till The End.. <3

True Friend

We all have a best friend , with whom we've been for so long and still Don't get bored of them.
Some Steps To Be An Awesome Friend -
1.Always be there for them.(no matter what they do , what they go through)
2.Be Kind and listen to them.("a good listener is a good friend")
3.Best Friends don't hide anything , we know everything about our best friends , don't we?(don't be shy and you can trust your best friend)
4.Be the guiding light for your friend in her/his difficulties.(they'll return the favour)
5.Cheer them up , be helpful , and kind , be everything you are and a friend would like.(they'll like you , for the crazy you ! )
6.Make them happy and not sad , help them , and don't let them down.
7.Share the truth in your heart.(they'll understand you)
8.Yeah forgiving them is the easiest , you might be angry with them and you see the other moment you end up talking to them.
9.Accept your friend the way they are.(and if not,just tell them , it never normally happens we hangout cause we love each other and love being around each-other, right ?)
10.Don't let your Ego get between your friendship.(if you guys fight , make-up)
I got angry with my friend the other day cause she promised me she'll come to my house to meet me , she made me happy by posting a "Hikaru-Kaoru"(hitachiin twins) from an anime on my facebook wall..
she knows how she could make me happy and make me forgive her..
and even if i'm angry with her , i totally end up ringing her and apologising or i use my photoshop skills and make her a pic of someone or something she likes.We have been best friends for 9 years now ! And I'm 13
Thankyou for reading till the end!<3

Ways To Get Over Crush/Ex/Broken Heart

So , i was listening to this song , one direction's "Heart Attack"..
And this song reminds me of someone special to me..
Has it ever happened to you that , you've had a crush on someone and just told them about it , and they don't even care , and tell you they are not interested..
If Yes , then you might have cried and cried a lot
If No , well you're lucky , everyone needs to be like crush was simply okay with it..and he said no problem with it..he still talks to me <3 :P
But them sayin "Let's Just Be Friends" is something u never expect out of their mouth..
You try everything to keep yourself happy , and not thinking about it. Gettin' over those words aren't at all easy.You think they are perfect and that there's no one better than just simply love how they are. Every-time u hear song and some word comes up related to them , your heart breaks and you remember all the happy moments.
You miss them soo badly , soo sooo bad , that you just want one single moment with them that wouldn't have gone the way it is're just totally messes up , crushed by those hurting words that leave those marks on your heart forever.
Thought they are the one , the only ones , trust me i'll help you out in this case..
Follow These And I Promise You'll Feel Better -
1.Take time for yourself and do what u love the most ( so that you don't keep remembering those moments)
2. Disconnecting them from all social networks is something you could do ( other-wise you'll see those post updates and you'll feel even worse)
3.Try to stay away from around that person.
4. Be in peace and figure out what would've gone wrong (go in your room all alone and think about it)
5.Learn from your mistakes and try to move on and forgive the person.( other-wise your anger will grow and grow and bear a fruit and would blast like a volcano. I Know R.I.P English xD)
6.Your best buddies ! they will be there for you , discuss the matter with them.(i'm sure they'll come up with something that'll keep you happy)
7.Try new activities and new things.(to keep yourself away from those thoughts)
8.And if you think all of the above is inappropriate just go and talk to the person and tell them how hurt you are , and become friends with him/her and make them fall for you..
don't worry they will fall for you if you'll become their friend..Mostly happens !

Thankyou For Reading Till The End ! <3