Monday, 19 August 2013

Baby Ackles - Justice Jay "JJ" Ackles

Just saw this one on facebook , and i've been waiting for this kid for like 7 months to get out of her mother's womb. Jensen Ackles and Danneel Ackles have had their baby girl (first born) and finally we get her pic!!
you guys wanna see it ? yeah , bet you do ! i'll just put it here below - 

soo i'm a huge SUPERNATURAL fan , if you didn't know it..
I just love the show , it's sci-fi , fantasy , romantic , lovely story line , and hot guys..
i mean who wouldn't love the show ?

So we were talking about the baby..the baby JJ is sooo lovely she's got eyes color like her fathers , and couple are sooo beautiful , i bet the baby girl is gonna look fab when she grows up , it's been my dream to meet Jensen Ackles (baby's father) also my fav. actor everrr when i grow up..I'd really really really love to meet him someday..

But probably is not gonna happen..i'm gonna become a IFS Officer so that i can have a job in foreign country..and meet him someday..but not gonna happen , right ? :(

Hhuuuh! so let's just leave it, put a pin to it ! Or i might become emotional..soo YEAH here's the happy !!

I Put Up Some Pics Related..
Thankyou for reading till the end! <3