Saturday, 17 August 2013

Cats or Dogs ? (Silly Topic)

Which animal do you love the most ? Dogs ? Cats ? Or Some Other ?
I'd really love your opinion ,put it in the comment box below !
In my opinion i'd say Dog !!! not all breeds , i just love Labradors they live long enough like upto 14 maybe 16 years.They Stay Fat And Cute.I happened to have notice that other dog breeds and cats get skinny and don't stay chubby and cute , and as they get older they become a head-ache. Yeah ! they can be trained but who'd take that responsibly on their heads , right? Labradors are smart and they can be trained for a very young age,are awesome , chubby and cute.
well there's a lot more and i could go days and nights *too much , i know* babbling about it..but i won't..
so i want you guys to tell me in the comments your fav. animal for keeping as a pet and why !
Ahh, i almost forgot , their tail is awesome ! :P xD

Thankyou For Reading Till The End! <3

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