Saturday, 17 August 2013

How To Improve Yourself

Self-Improvement - It is something everyone wants to achieve but cannot due to laziness
Here i'll put off some simple and easy ways for you to achieve it !
Here Are Some Things You Should Try -
1.Imagine a perfect world and think how would you be in it.( what are your differences)
2.Write down a short list of things you think you need to improve.(you'll not remember everything at once , so keep that list with you and make changes as you go on)
3.Practice some suggestions ( just practice and practice and practice !!!!! )
4.Be Sincere but you could cheat a bit cause doing it all the time isn't gonna be easy , do what you love occasionally , doing the practice all time isn't gonna be good and easy. (as the old saying "too much of something is bad" , so take time for your things too )
5.Believe in yourself and don't give up and think that you can achieve it ( and it'll get you closer to your goal)
6.Stay Positive and think positive all the time , don't take up tensions.( we often do that alot)
7.Everyday, right from when you're awake keep a smile on your face.( it'll sure brighten up others day too )
8.Be Around your best buddies.(and be your best ones alone , otherwise they'll bring you down with them , be with the ones who'll lift you up )
As The Above Picture Dispays "See Yourself The Way You Wish To Be In Your Life"..

Thankyou For Reading Till The End.. <3

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