Saturday, 24 August 2013


Brave soldiers , today i'm finally writing it..
Respecting soldiers , why ?
Because - they are scared to hell , but they fight , and die for the people , for the country , they don't know if they'll ever see their families again , they come back without hand , or leg or something or the other missing , or don't come back at all..
They are paid less , for they will to give up their lives so that their nation may be able to sleep peacefully.They are put into too many risks and they face it soo bravely , ever thought about it ? They stick together for eachother , help eachother , die for eachother <3

This is something completely different about being a soldier and having been to a war , that earns the deepest loyalties <3

In My Opinion , They Are True Heroes !! #respect..

I Mean , would u be willing to give up your life if government would ask you to ?
  • You'll be paid less
  • You're not sure if you'll come back alive or not !
A Big "NO!" , With a Capital ''N'' and A Capital ''O'' With ''Exclamation Mark'' !

They join military at their wills , brave enough to face any problem that comes up and willing to die for the people they don't even know , but for their country , for their folks <3.. 

They are obedient and follow the orders , they do what they are asked for without even questioning, not once!!

They get shot , get hit my bombs , must respect the soldiers going to fight in pain , but still they try their best to do well in the war , even after being hurt , they help their pals ! A simple sign of true friendship , respect , obedience..

Harsh climates , bad food , work and work ! do you think you can handle it ? In a complete alien country , not knowing what's happening..

Respect them..or else get the hell off this country..because of them alone you are peaceful and not dying..

I Simply Think That They Should Atleast Be Respected , more than me and you..
When your asleep in your bed ,huggin' pillow tight , enjoying AC , watching sweetest dreams , they fight and fight for the better future..

They've got the best sense of humor , funny , kind , caring , tough , obedience , confidence ..these really are the few of the things i really notice..

Everything about them is super-cool to me , their hairstyles , body lol xD

I Think They Should Be Respected..



My  Respect To All Soldiers World-Wide ! <3 :*

these soldiers are keeping a look-out , in Vietnam..
see what i was talking about ? they are cool :P
Thankyou for reading till the end! <3

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