Saturday, 17 August 2013

True Friend

We all have a best friend , with whom we've been for so long and still Don't get bored of them.
Some Steps To Be An Awesome Friend -
1.Always be there for them.(no matter what they do , what they go through)
2.Be Kind and listen to them.("a good listener is a good friend")
3.Best Friends don't hide anything , we know everything about our best friends , don't we?(don't be shy and you can trust your best friend)
4.Be the guiding light for your friend in her/his difficulties.(they'll return the favour)
5.Cheer them up , be helpful , and kind , be everything you are and a friend would like.(they'll like you , for the crazy you ! )
6.Make them happy and not sad , help them , and don't let them down.
7.Share the truth in your heart.(they'll understand you)
8.Yeah forgiving them is the easiest , you might be angry with them and you see the other moment you end up talking to them.
9.Accept your friend the way they are.(and if not,just tell them , it never normally happens we hangout cause we love each other and love being around each-other, right ?)
10.Don't let your Ego get between your friendship.(if you guys fight , make-up)
I got angry with my friend the other day cause she promised me she'll come to my house to meet me , she made me happy by posting a "Hikaru-Kaoru"(hitachiin twins) from an anime on my facebook wall..
she knows how she could make me happy and make me forgive her..
and even if i'm angry with her , i totally end up ringing her and apologising or i use my photoshop skills and make her a pic of someone or something she likes.We have been best friends for 9 years now ! And I'm 13
Thankyou for reading till the end!<3

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