Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ways To Get Over Crush/Ex/Broken Heart

So , i was listening to this song , one direction's "Heart Attack"..
And this song reminds me of someone special to me..
Has it ever happened to you that , you've had a crush on someone and just told them about it , and they don't even care , and tell you they are not interested..
If Yes , then you might have cried and cried a lot
If No , well you're lucky , everyone needs to be like crush was simply okay with it..and he said no problem with it..he still talks to me <3 :P
But them sayin "Let's Just Be Friends" is something u never expect out of their mouth..
You try everything to keep yourself happy , and not thinking about it. Gettin' over those words aren't at all easy.You think they are perfect and that there's no one better than just simply love how they are. Every-time u hear song and some word comes up related to them , your heart breaks and you remember all the happy moments.
You miss them soo badly , soo sooo bad , that you just want one single moment with them that wouldn't have gone the way it is're just totally messes up , crushed by those hurting words that leave those marks on your heart forever.
Thought they are the one , the only ones , trust me i'll help you out in this case..
Follow These And I Promise You'll Feel Better -
1.Take time for yourself and do what u love the most ( so that you don't keep remembering those moments)
2. Disconnecting them from all social networks is something you could do ( other-wise you'll see those post updates and you'll feel even worse)
3.Try to stay away from around that person.
4. Be in peace and figure out what would've gone wrong (go in your room all alone and think about it)
5.Learn from your mistakes and try to move on and forgive the person.( other-wise your anger will grow and grow and bear a fruit and would blast like a volcano. I Know R.I.P English xD)
6.Your best buddies ! they will be there for you , discuss the matter with them.(i'm sure they'll come up with something that'll keep you happy)
7.Try new activities and new things.(to keep yourself away from those thoughts)
8.And if you think all of the above is inappropriate just go and talk to the person and tell them how hurt you are , and become friends with him/her and make them fall for you..
don't worry they will fall for you if you'll become their friend..Mostly happens !

Thankyou For Reading Till The End ! <3 

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