Saturday, 17 August 2013

What would you do if you had a million dollars

Yeah you might be thinking that i'm about to say the following things -
1.Buy a gallardo.
2.Buy a super-cute boy.xD (u get this money , you'll find the true love :D)
3.Buy a super sized porche villa.(and have a large swimming pool)
4.And buy all the crap i want !

But no ! Honestly , I'd take the money i need for my studies , parties , parents , sibling, you know maybe buy all the sony playstaions and eveything i want at the very moment, and give the rest to charity. For the better future of poor kids! Atleast then i could sleep feeling proud and die a peaceful death !
Then i'm sure going to HEAVEN !!!!!

Even Thinking A Million Dollars In My Hand , What Am I Even Gonna Buy , I'll Be Happy In Beginning And Get Bored By The Middle..

Thankyou for reading till the end! <3

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